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Exploring Implant Dentistry: The Solution to Your Tooth Loss

Are you missing a tooth—maybe even more than one tooth? When teeth are lost it can take a toll on your overall appearance and confidence, but that doesn’t have to be permanent. With advancements in dentistry, we offer implant dentistry in Honolulu, HI to take your smile to a whole new level. Don’t just put up with gaps in your teeth; take the next step toward a restored smile in Honolulu, HI with implant dentistry at Cecile Sebastian, DDS. 

How Dental Implants Work 

The first thing you should do if you need to get a tooth replaced is have a conversation with one of our dentists in Honolulu, HI at Cecile Sebastian, DDS to go over your options and see if you are a candidate for implants. To get implants installed, you need to have enough bone and gum material to support the implant. 

Once you and our Honolulu, HI dentists have decided that implants are the right option for you, he or she will begin the procedure by anesthetizing the area and inserting the titanium implant into the bone socket of the missing tooth. After securely fastening the implant to your jawbone, you will then need to wait approximately six to twelve weeks for your gums to heal around the implant, which will further secure the implant into place. 

Once your mouth is completely healed, a small connector post will be attached to the implant. Next, we will take a detailed impression of the area to fashion a replacement crown that will fit perfectly in your mouth. Once the crown arrives from the dental lab, one of our Honolulu, HI dentists will attach it to the connector post and the process will be complete. 

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer the most permanent solution to a missing tooth. If you take care of your oral health and keep your implant healthy, implants have been known to last upwards of 25 years or an entire lifetime. In addition, the installation of a dental implant is less invasive than some other procedures. To get a dental bridge installed, two of your teeth will need to be shaved down in order to make room for the bridge. However, in Honolulu, HI dental implants avoid this problem. And because dental implants become a permanent part of your mouth, you do not have to remove them to clean like you do with dentures. 

To learn more about dental implants in Honolulu, HI or to schedule an appointment, contact our office at (808) 537-2880 today. 

Dr. Cecile D. Sebastian

Dr. Sebastian is a dedicated professional who enjoys the practice of dentistry. Together with her enthusiastic team, they are able to deliver the most advanced procedures and techniques that dentistry has to offer in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

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